Hunger Games Midnight Premiere!


Made an event and right now, there are 16 of us going Thursday midnight to watch the Hunger Games. *v*  I’ll be done with my finals and what better way to celebrate? 8D 



Arrietty was so good!! XD

It was really sweet and cute. I loved how we saw everything in the view of a Borrower. :P  But yeah, amazing weekend at APA Conference and feel so free. God has already done so much this weekend, even when I came back to Santa Cruz. Had H2H with Sarah and Kaleen <33 God is so good



Ended Valentines Day

with the movie “Valentines Day” which was an awesome romance comedy <3 ^w^ It was really cute and hilarious~ 


I’m dead. I didn’t think I would die this soon but it’s only because I assumed no one close to me would have me. But I was wrong…

So after Vintage, we had a choice of going out to dinner or ordering pizza at my place. Btw, this was right after Sam had killed me- with Kaleen’s help. grrr… but Jessica said there were only 2 spots available and I didn’t want to leave people out so.. we all decided to go back to my apartment and order 2 medium pizzas and watch a movie! We watched videos of Selena Gomez and the Nativity story to compare faces and.. XD YES. they look like them. rofl. We watched 500 days of Summer and I got to have a h2h chat with Jesse. :) 

Tonight was a great night of bonding with my freshmen<3