After the APA conference, this is my song to You, Father.  Thanks for sticking with someone like me ^^


Arrietty was so good!! XD

It was really sweet and cute. I loved how we saw everything in the view of a Borrower. :P  But yeah, amazing weekend at APA Conference and feel so free. God has already done so much this weekend, even when I came back to Santa Cruz. Had H2H with Sarah and Kaleen <33 God is so good



Late night dinner

Dude.. just came back from Santa Cruz Diner with some really awesome people- Matt, Andrew, Kaleen, and Jessica. :) laughed so much and.. ate so much too.. Seafood Alfredo Pasta with a root beer float. ahhhhhh so full.. but I just love the time we got to spend together just chatting and joking. ^^ And huzzah~ getting to know my freshman better. teehee. :P 

And really stoked for next weekend because.. Asian Conference- INKED- is happening on the 3-day weekend in Sacramento!!!! woot woot  I’m excited to see what’s in store and I hope I can meet lots of new people! It’ll be encouraging to see other asian-americans that are in IV on other campuses. 


I. can’t. wait. 

btw, 11 followers<3 Thank you for sticking with me and my randomness :) 

INKED. Dude, this spoken word is amazing.. blehh teared up a bit! I want to go to this conference!!